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Uniwar Xpressed's Uniwar is a brand new strategy game in the App Store for iPhone. You can get the game from the App Store at a price of $0.99. Uniwar is a turn-based game that offers, what appears to be a deep level of game play and online replay ability. Uniwar follows the conventions of the games which are of its types. There are 3 playable races – Titan, Sapien and Khralean. The human-like Sapiens, have choppers and tanks. The Khraleans have an organic army of flying lizards, centipedes and worm-like things. Each unit type like aquatic or light has their strengths and weaknesses. You have to put down your foes by capturing the bases and controlling the territory.

Some of the key features of this game are:

3 races with 8 varied units

More than 50 maps to choose from with almost 8 players

Team play allows 2 vs. 2, 3 vs. 3, and 4vs. 4

21 missions in the campaign mode

Join or create several games

Notifications through email when it’s your turn

Cross-platform game

After learning the basics of the game through the tutorial, you can jump into campaign, jump online, play a solo mission as well as play multiplayer. Though the campaign mode offers many challenges, the most impressive feature of the game is online play. The game provides a text chat for immediate smack talk. The interface of Uniwar is quite easy to use. Everything is handled by a touch, which is very efficient. Get a unit construction menu by just tapping on a base, tapping on a unit brings up the attack/move menu. The game works in both vertical and landscape orientation.

Uniwar is a good strategy game. The units are small with a modest amount of color and detail. You can easily read the text, which is critical for the games of this genre.



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