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Rogue Planet

Rogue PlanetGameloft’s Rogue Planet is a turn based strategy game that deserves to be the king of the games, of its genre, for iPhone. With its strategic game play, involving story line and online play, the game is quite famous among strategic game lovers.

Rogue Planet starts with the ship called as Nimah coming back to earth, after a long colonial mission of 35 years, across the stars. As Nimah approaches, the crew notices that there is no lighting on the planet. Nimah decides to land to investigate and meanwhile the crew discovers that again, human screwed up long-time by developing sentient robots. These robots got out of control and declared war against humanity, and now it’s your responsibility to save the earth.

The game has 3 play modes to choose from – quick play, story mode and local multiplayer through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Quick play of the game is a skirmish mode where you play the role of either robot or human, in any of the battles unlocked by you in story mode. The multiplayer mode requires being in the neighborhood of another iPhone. You have to complete 19 levels in the story mode which is time consuming. Between battles you have to make your way around the areas of Nimah talking to people until you are sent into the next flight.

The touch controls are easy to use and straight forward. By using the pinch gestures, you can zoom in and out of the battleground. Just tap on the building and unit and then tap action carried out by them.

The basic mechanics of Rogue Planet are pretty good; engaging the enemy, maneuvering units, building new units, gathering resources and so on. As it is a turn based game, each action you perform, must be well thought. There are 2 basic types of units: ground and vehicle troops. Both of these types have light and heavy versions along with different abilities, strengths, attacks and ranges. Some units will run out of gas or ammo and thus have to be refilled. You can also use some units as suicide bombers.

Rogue Planet is a great strategy game for the iPhone. The fans of this genre will surely enjoy playing this game on their iPhone.



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