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Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem

Robocalypse: Mobile MayhemIf you are looking for a classic strategy game play along with humorous dialogue and multiplayer options, Robocalypse: Mobile Mayhem, developed by Vogster Entertainment is the best. The game has been introduced in the App Store for the iPhone.

Robocalypse has a crazy storyline which is released between missions through cartoon cut scenes. It seems that there has been some mix-up at the robot factory that lead to the making of an evil robot army which is led by an insane robot, named as The Demolisher, who likes destruction. The main character of the game, Myron Mako, makes a new army of robots along with WWII vets.

Myron seeks to finish The Demolisher and his evil robots by controlling the new robots and save the earth and get the girl. The crazy story of the game doesn’t only propel you in the world of fighting, but also provides for some good laughs. This game features a campaign mode, containing 17 missions playable in 3 difficulty modes. All these missions have different objectives that ranges from protecting your base to destroying enemy headquarters.

Robocalypse provides you 2 multi-player options – online and local WIFI. In multi-player mode, you can choose from 18 different maps as well as play up to 4 armies at a time. The game has all the strategy elements that you would expect – gathering resources, constructing buildings and training heroes and troops. Every hero has unique weapons and skills, as well as the leading ability. Aside from the normal builders and troops, you can train medic robots that heal your soldiers.

The controls of the game are quite good. You get familiar with how to construct buildings or control the robots in the starting of the game. If you want to move your heroes, you just need to tap them and then the location on the map where you want them to go. You can control your troops just by tapping an attack or defend button and then a spot on the map.

Robocalypse has wonderful graphics and great sound effects. If you really enjoy playing strategy games, just experience the pleasure of playing this game on your iPhone.



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