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Video Game Tournaments

Now, there’s a way to hold video game tournaments without requiring all players to be in the same room. Using innovative online gaming technology, you can now play your favourite video games against your friends – and for a cash prizes! The games you can play include the latest sports games like soccer, basketball and football, in addition to such popular action games as Halo and Assassin’s Creed.

How to Play:

First, register with using your existing Xbox LIVE or PSN ID and fund your account through PayPal or via Credit Card.
Next, find the game that you wish to play and an opponent. The system ranks players so you can find someone with similar skills for a challenging game. You and your opponent can choose the time, the date and the rules.
Finally…play! After the match, the system’s Game Validator will determine the outcome of the game and provide the winning player with their prize.



Age Of Empire

Age of empire is an epic-time fighting and the strategy game in which the players dominate to conquer the enemy civilization.

Grand Prix

Grand prix the real racing game just like the formula one race. Race with your opponents and try to beat them before time runs out.

Capoeira Fighter

Capoeira-fighter Capoeira fighter one of the awesome fighting game with good graphics and with various moves and skills to defeat your opponent.