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Baseball Superstars 2010

 Baseball Superstars 2010Baseball Superstars 2009 by Gamevil was the most demanding baseball game for iPhone. Baseball Superstars 2010 is an amazing baseball game with various modes and easy controls. Take a look at this fun amazing sports game for your iPhone.

Baseball Superstars 2010 features many game modes ranging such as a homerun contest, a basic exhibition and match. What make the game different from the pack are the RPG elements. These elements allow you to make your own batter or pitcher and their statistics in “My League” mode. Various social events and exercises are available for training your players. It’s better to begin with an exhibition game. This is the best place to practice batting and pitching controls, which use a screen touches and virtual d-pad. You can purchase the necessary items such as shoes and bats for your players with your annual income. Once you have created your players, you can use them in the full season mode.

Your pitcher has many different throws options to choose from and you pick the one by tapping on your desired patch. You just need to move a cursor over the plate on the field and then tap the button on the screen to make your pitcher throw the ball. Fielding in this game is partially automatic. However, tougher hits not only require you to move your fielders towards ball, but also select the base to throw it. For batting, you have to move the batter in the right position and wait for the swing.

The RPG elements make you to create your own players, train them and use prize money for buying new equipments. These players are then used in the My League option for creating a functioning team. In addition, there are special players which called as Super Players that you can employ on your team for power plays.

Some features of Baseball Superstars for the iPhone:

Game Modes include Season, Exhibition, Mission, My league, Match play, Home Run Race

Great Replayability

Cartoon Take on Baseball

Overall, the Baseball Superstars 2010 is the best baseball game which can entertain you for many hours.



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