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Real Racing

Real RacingReal Racing is one of the best racing games developed by Firemint and is now introduced for the iPhone. This is one of the games that you will love if you like racing games. The graphics of the game are stunning and the controls are super cool! You can get the game from the App Store at a reasonable price of $2.99. Real Racing has received awards and recognition due to its social potential.

Real Racing has some of the cleanest and most stunning graphics for the iPhone. The racing cars are beautifully rendered with details and the environments are fairly realistic. The controls of the game are challenging but are more advanced than what you would expect. The motion sensor of the iPhone, turns it into a steering wheel to steer your car. Perhaps, it’s the most cleverest and fun use of the motion sensor of the iPhone.

In the cockpit view, you will be able to see the position of your car and the number of laps left. A click on the rearview of the car, gives you the rearview perspective. The game has an option of switching the camera to a third-person view which gives you the complete view of the race.

Real Racing offers Time Trial, Quick Race, Connected Modes and Career, but you will likely spend most of your time in playing with the first two modes. Career Mode allows you to unlock cars, races, tracks, and difficulty settings as well as race in different leagues. Connected mode allows you to engage new multiplayer functions. You can either create or join a local (LAN) game or can use a social networking service called as Cloudcell account to get linked up with opponents. Cloudcell is used by Firemint for its games. It just takes a few seconds to create an account via Cloudcell.

Real Racing delivers a fun racing experience, great graphics and is one of the exciting games that you will like to play on your iPhone.



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