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Dirt Moto Racing

Dirt Moto RacingRacing games on the iPhone touch, keeps on getting better. Moving into the App Store along with loads of heart-pounding action, Dirt Moto Racing takes the checkered flag. Dirt Moto Racing is a better freestyle game with well implemented controls and lots of contents including a career mode.

Dirt Moto Racing game has two modes – Single Event and Career. The former mode consists of 8 tours across 4 real-world locations: Death Valley, Florida Keys, British Columbia and Toronto. (Unfortunately, the free version of Dirt Moto Racing Lite doesn’t allow you to tour in Death Valley and British Columbia.) Every tour has 4 events to compete in, like elimination events, sprint race, traditional lap race or a checkpoint race. In checkpoint racing, you have to roll over the gates which are spread in an open field.

You can receive tuning points by earning medals in the career mode. You can distribute these tuning points to many attributes like top speed, acceleration and lift. In the Single Event, you are free to race on any track which you have completed in the career mode. There are 3 additional modes for Single Event: time trial, freestyle and ghost play. There are 3 difficulty levels in both modes and you can customize the color of both, ATV and your rider.

Dirt Moto Racing uses combination of accurate physics and responsive controls that provides a natural feel to the driving experience. Doing a hard tilt makes your rider drift around corners. For performing basic stunts, you just need to tap the screen of your iPhone while your rider is in the air.

The graphics of this game are quite good with beautiful landscapes and well-rendered riders. The sound effects are really great, with a hard rock soundtrack and the sounds of screaming engines.

Dirt Moto Racing is the best of its genre and only lacking multiplayer mode. But still, it’s one of the best racing games running on the iPhone.



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