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Cubed Rally Racer

Cubed Rally RacerCubed Rally Racer is a 3D racer game which is now available on the iPhone. At first glance, it appears to be blocky, simple, graphically challenged retro style racer game which lacks the audio elements, advanced visual and the standard that is found in the modern games. However, it won’t be good to come to the conclusion by just seeing the cover, as exploring deeper will surely prove you wrong.

It is an arcade racer game in which you have to navigate various tracks to finish as soon as possible. Every track in the game is different, as they are generated randomly, providing many different track combinations. The goal of the game is really simple; you have to reach the end of the track before your fuel gets over. You have to be careful while driving your car to the end of the track. When dodging cows or drifting around corners, make sure that your car doesn’t fall off the track which will result in starting the race from beginning. If your fuel gets over, you will need to start the track again, but you can collect the fuel cans which are scattered on the tracks with nitro tanks to give a speed boost.

The controls are really simple with an accelerator pedal on the right and a steer right and left buttons on the other side. However, steering buttons are close to each other which can make you to go in a wrong direction. The graphics are great for an 8 bit style retro game, but it lacks different textures and colors which can make the environment more impressive. When you finish the track, music is played in retro style to give you a retro feeling.

Overall, Cubed Rally Racer is the ideal game for the one who enjoys arcade racers and is definitely one of the best of its genre in the App Store.



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