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Grand Prix

The game is just similar to Formula one race. Objective of the game is to compete all other competitors in the race beat them and move on to next level. You have to look out the while turning and getting out off the track. You have to be fast to get the opponent and win the race.


Up key = Boost speed
Down key = Brake
Left key = Turn left
Right key = Turn right


Day Drive

In the game, your objective is to first complete the road race. You have to drive the cars through various objects and you might hit or crash to some stuff on the road, also you have to make sure you are not very slow. For increasing the points collects as much power-ups to boosts your car speed.


Navigate Vehicle= Use Arrow keys


Atv Challenge

In this game you have a quad bike and you have to race through different obstacles. Complete the first level without hitting the objects in the race and move to next level. In the next level cover all the landmarks and get the bonus points.

There will be obstacles in the race such as tires, rabbits you have to avoid hitting them. You need to collect as much bonus points and complete all the laps


Up arrow = boost speed
Down arrow = brake
Left arrow = turn left
Right arrow = turn right

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Age Of Empire

Age of empire is an epic-time fighting and the strategy game in which the players dominate to conquer the enemy civilization.

Grand Prix

Grand prix the real racing game just like the formula one race. Race with your opponents and try to beat them before time runs out.

Capoeira Fighter

Capoeira-fighter Capoeira fighter one of the awesome fighting game with good graphics and with various moves and skills to defeat your opponent.