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Tap-FuTap-Fu is a game that offers a casual fighting filled with fun which is now introduced in the App Store for the iPhone. The game can be played in short spurts even in prolonged sessions. While it is not a particularly deep game, but it provides an enjoyable game play experience.

Tap-Fu has four modes: Story, Survival, Training and 100 Rounds. In the Story mode, you have to play the role of a Tap Fu Trainee who is on the mission to recover candy, stolen by Sweet Tooth Clan from your village. You learn new skills under the guidance of Elder Tap Fu Master. The story of the game is told through muffled dialogue, dialogue boxes and cut scenes.

Survival mode offers you high-scoring opportunities by fighting with continual attack of enemies. You can find variation in 100 Rounds mode where you have to defeat entire enemies to qualify for the next round. Both of these modes provide the option of battling in 2 different locations: Sakaki Forest and Mount Fuji. The colorful backgrounds of the game look wonderful even though they are not much varied.

The thing that makes this game popular is the fighting abilities of Tap Fu Trainee. These abilities – quick attack, blocking, fireball, roll, back kick, spin kick and jumping – visually look great and the battle system is well implemented. You can jump by just swiping your finger upwards while you can roll by swiping downwards. Tapping on the screen will result in the quick punch/kick attack which is the primary method of attack. In both Survival and Story modes, enemies become more difficult as you progress and gain the ability to teleport from one place to another and cloak their appearance.

Tap-Fu includes an online scoring system that awards you points for combo styles and moves. It also incorporates achievement system for battle combos, points scored, length of survival and damage inflicted.

The art and fighting mechanics of the game are beautifully executed. Playing Tap-Fu can be a fun if you want to experience a casual fight.



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