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Pocket Warriors

Pocket WarriorsPocket Warriors developed by WitOne Games is an action game with 2D graphics. This adventurous game provides you RPG fix without RPG commitment. This game, based on killing terrifying monsters, is now introduced on iPhone. But you are not alone in the mission, as your team has 2 little warriors, both male and female, who have to work together to protect the village from dragons and monsters.

The adventure begins in the village as you prepare for the battle. There is a weapon trader who sells magic spells and weapons, a blacksmith who offers weapon upgrades, your own house for keeping items and storing stuffs and a village chief dishing quests. After interacting with these people to prepare yourself, you can walk through the gates of village to hunt the next dragon or monster. There are no minions, straight to the boss.

The real stars of this game are the monsters as they are creative and varied, so it’s a pleasure to confront them one after another. Your “Monster Book” shows you 14 monsters like stone-giants, hell-crabs and fire-dragons, each of which behaves differently. The key to win this game is to study the behavior of each monster during battle and then use this to defeat them, using magic and weapons. If you string together 10 successful attacks, the monster drops some material which you can use to upgrade your weapons. The aim is to kill the monster before it reaches to village or kills any of your team members.

The graphics of the game are quite good. There are buttons for moving right/left, switching characters, defending, attacking, and magic spell slots. Both male and female warrior of your team use different weapons along with lances, swords, axes, magic maces and bows being available. Some grinding is necessary as the cost of upgrading the weapons is not cheap. One of the best thing about this game is you don’t need both the characters at a time. When you control one character in battle, secondary character is controlled automatically. They jump into the battle and take off automatically, but sometimes they die which leads to defeat.

Pocket Warriors has wonderful atmospherics which makes it pleasing to play the game. It’s really very pleasing to defeat monsters with the help of small and cute warriors.



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