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The 12 Fighter

The 12 fighter is the fighting game in which you are a strong man who has to face many violent opponents. You have to fight with the different opponents in the game and defeat them. You can select between the players of your choice. You will be located in the room in which you have to face and fight your opponent. You can use all special moves and skills to fight your opponent who is your enemy.

You have to keep on fighting with the enemy until he dies. You have to complete each level to move on to the next level to face different enemy each time. Each time your fight place will be change. You have to keep your strength to defeat the opponent.


Street Fighter

Street fighter is the real time fighting game, in which you have to go through many opponents by defeating each one of them with your skill and special moves. The game includes all the special moves and also finishing moves to finish the opponent.

In the game, the player can perform punch and kick attacks which varied with the speed and strength. The game is one-on-one fighting game where each player has to compete with each other. You also have the choices to select your own fighter, each fighter has different style of skills and finishing moves to defeat the opponent. The game has the complete graphical and good sound quality.


Nacho kunfu

In the game natcho Kunfu you are the Natcho and you have to fight with different fighters across the city by using the special moves. You will face many opponents in the game you have to defeat them. In the first stage you only have limited moves to beat the fighters, as the game progress you have to fill up the do good meter for unlocking more special moves.


Movement keys = left / right arrows keys
Attack = Num pad 2, 4, 6 keys


Matrix Fighting

The game looks quite simple from outside, but it’s quite addictive shooting game, the concept of the game is just like the matrix style. The game has the new fighting style, you have to face many opponents and beat them with the various skills and moves. You have to kill the enemies on your way and move to the next level.


Movement keys

Move = left / right
Jump = Up
Slow-motion = M


Mario Combat

The Mario is fun to play and full of puzzles, the game is full hand to hand combat with the enemies. In this Mario can’t jump on the bad guys head, but Mario has to fight with the enemies. The Mario has to face many obstacles in the way, also you have to see the pitfall and Koopa Troopa, and there are limited lives in the game to complete each level.


Movements = Arrow Keys
Attack = A Key

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Age Of Empire

Age of empire is an epic-time fighting and the strategy game in which the players dominate to conquer the enemy civilization.

Grand Prix

Grand prix the real racing game just like the formula one race. Race with your opponents and try to beat them before time runs out.

Capoeira Fighter

Capoeira-fighter Capoeira fighter one of the awesome fighting game with good graphics and with various moves and skills to defeat your opponent.