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Mario forever

Mario forever is remake of the classic Mario game. Play Mario forever to save the kidnapped princess toadstool and defeat king Koopa aka bowser. Get fast and skillfully to complete each level. You will have to face different enemies through your way and defeat them all. There are various obstacles in the way, try to get the mushrooms to have extra power to allow to get damage from the enemies. You have a limited time and lives to complete the each level.

The primary attack of the Mario is to jump on the enemies that have different responses. When you jump on the Goomba it will flatten and defeated while jumping on the Koopa troopa will retract into shell and you can use them as bullet to kill the coming enemies but be alert the shells deflect the wall and come back to hurt you. You will have to get through various levels ranging from underwater to hot lava.


M= music
S= sound
Esc= pause
Z= jumping
Movement = Arrow keys


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