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Sky Ball

The game is very simple but it gets hard at the time of getting the power-ups. The objective of the game is to complete all the levels and get the highest possible score. Break all the bricks to move on to next levels. Getting the power-ups is sometime hard when you have to catch the ball and the power-ups, but getting power-ups will make the task easier for you.

Controlling the pad is very easy use the mouse to move the pad right and left and click the mouse button when the ball launches on the pad.




Pinball the game is designed to simulate the pinball. The game is very much interesting the player has to control the paddles to hit the ball. The games represents the traditional table, the game begins when the ball launches on the table use the plunger to hit the ball.

The game is very simple just hit the ball with the plunger and after keep controlling the paddles to hit the ball and save it from dropping down. The full screen mode allows the player to enjoy the full screen game. The game also provides the bonus points for the player when the ball goes through the bonus hole. Keep the ball on the table to gain more points and get the ball through the bonus hole for bonus points.


Mega Man

Mega man is a six stage game. The game becomes difficult as you move forward. Destroy the robots on your way. Use the arrows keys for jumping moving forward and backward watch out the fall in the pit. You will get the robots in the way trying to hit you. Attack them by the weapons you have. Keep running and jumping through various obstacles on the way. Get through various stages defeating the robots, when you complete the six stages there will seventh and the last stage. This last stage is known as the wily fortress combination of the four regular stages which are linked together. It is the harder level than the usual one. Fight all the six robots to meet the Dr wily.


Mario forever

Mario forever is remake of the classic Mario game. Play Mario forever to save the kidnapped princess toadstool and defeat king Koopa aka bowser. Get fast and skillfully to complete each level. You will have to face different enemies through your way and defeat them all. There are various obstacles in the way, try to get the mushrooms to have extra power to allow to get damage from the enemies. You have a limited time and lives to complete the each level.

The primary attack of the Mario is to jump on the enemies that have different responses.


Magic Heaven

Magic heaven is a very similar to game snowy. Magic heaven has an added extra feature like special power, items for killing enemies and different levels that makes interesting and fun while playing. Use the movement keys to jump and arrow keys to move right and left. On the main menu you can select from the various options.

1. Get item
2. start game
3. help
4. configuration

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Age Of Empire

Age of empire is an epic-time fighting and the strategy game in which the players dominate to conquer the enemy civilization.

Grand Prix

Grand prix the real racing game just like the formula one race. Race with your opponents and try to beat them before time runs out.

Capoeira Fighter

Capoeira-fighter Capoeira fighter one of the awesome fighting game with good graphics and with various moves and skills to defeat your opponent.