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Tower Defense: Lost Earth

Tower Defense: Lost EarthTower Defense: Lost Earth is a tower defense game which is now available on iPhone. You can get the paid version of the game from the App Store at a cheaper price of $4.99, whereas; free version of the game is also available. The iPhone version of the game is really nice and enjoyable. Let’s take a look at it

Tower Defense: Lost Earth is typically a tower defense game. There are many towers to be utilized, many hostile threats to be destroyed and a base that needs to be protected by building your defenses. As you play the game, you discover many different features. Your enemies get more devious and complex; you add more towers with different features and costs, as well as you can unlock different play modes.

You will have 9 different units to choose from, each of which counters 10 different enemy types. Shooting and killing enemies at certain environmental structures yields crystals which can be turned into units. The enemy types and limited units’ means that every stage has a restricted number of ways to complete it, which is slightly altered based on the difficulty setting.

The game has 3 difficulty settings – hard, medium and easy, each changing your starting resources and the number of enemies. The game provides 4 different game modes, a survival mode, the standard defense mode, attack mode and a resource gathering mode. This game is well paced and well balanced; you can easily defend against enemies and get through the campaign.

The graphics of Tower Defense: Lost Earth are very sharp. You can easily recognize the tower types and enemy types. The only difficulty you may face is to figure out the path of your enemy, but they carry animated arrows that help you to show the path, so not to worry.



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