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Infinity Blade

Infinity BladeInfinity Blade is a new action fighting game for iPhone developed by ChAIR Entertainment in combination with Epic Games. It is a mobile game which is powered by Unreal Engine 3 Technology which is the same graphics on which Gears of War runs. It’s visually stunning to play this game on the iPhone.

The gameplay of the Infinity Blade is simple. You have to play the role of a faceless, nameless warrior who is on the mission to kill the evil God King sitting at the top of his castle. You have to fight your way up to the castle, killing his guard goons and learning essential ropes of combat, before facing the God King. However, you don’t survive the fight and God King kills you. The game then flashes the scene of 20 years later where the son of the initial warrior attempts to assault the same castle and take the revenge of his father by killing God king.

Infinity Blade features better graphics. You are able to dodge right and left, perry, block and attack by swiping your fingers across the screen of your iPhone. Combat is a learning knowledge where you should focus and study the attack patterns of every monster you face to make the use of their weaknesses.

Once you have learnt the combat, you feel good to perry or dodge your enemy in a massive attack combo. It is also amazing to see how perfect the attacking works when you just swipe your fingers across the screen of your iPhone. Infinity Blade is a super sensitive game and will respond to every swipe of your fingers. Swiping right, left, down, up and diagonally, are all accounted for making some wonderful animations.

There is a reason behind the title of the game. The entire story of the game reverts back on itself. If you are killed by God King, you don’t get another chance to fight. The game again starts from 20 years later and thus goes on. Each play-through of the game offers new rewards and challenges that keep you coming back for more.



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