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Galaxy on Fire 2

Galaxy on Fire 2 Galaxy on Fire 2 developed by Fishlabs for iPhone, is a great game that it can keep you entertained for many hours. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space game that has a player playing the role of the well-known mercenary named as Keith T. Maxwell.

The game places on pirate hunt, but soon get wretched across the galaxy several years in the future, only to get your life back to normal. The flow of missions in the game is consistent that you will get from the starting of the game to the end. The side missions in the game really make the game special. Like the first game in which you fought with endless space pirates, the sequel of the game has added some commerce system that makes you to mine the space rocks, transport the items from one planet to another, selling and buying goods for profits.

The graphics of Galaxy on Fire 2 are dazzling. Space fighting games need not to have more advanced graphics like other games because of the limited items to interact with, but the slick ships and space textures make the game really special. With four different races to interact with and more than 100 different space stations to explore, the game will take more than 10 hours to complete according to the developers.

Some of the features introduced in the game are:

High quality music and videos, full voice acting.

A huge galaxy with beautifully rendered planets and more than 20 solar systems.

Unique diplomacy system.

Over 30 customizable space ships.

High resolution support.

Mission-based, story-based gameplay.

With so many features, Galaxy on Fire 2 deserves to be the most adventurous game on iPhone.



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