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Blue Skies Lite

Blue Skies LiteBlue Skies Lite by Rocket Pocket Games, is available on the iPhone. This game places you in command of your helicopter with a mission to eliminate the bad leader named as Hans Kraven and his mercenaries.

The first level of the game is a training level. It begins with a conversation between you and your trainee. The conversations are suggestive of old NES games. You read the text displayed on the screen, but that’s not so important. You have to play a role of the newly recruited pilot at the Blue Skies Air Force Academy. In the academy, Master Sergeant is your teacher who will teach you to fly a helicopter when Kraven begins to invade your country. It’s your duty to prevent Kraven and henchmen Rachael, Bruno and ninja Takeshi from dominating the world.

Control your helicopter by using the accelerometer and destroy enemy tanks, helicopters, planes, mines and blimps. The free version of the game is limited, however full version comes with many features.

Full version of the game includes:
•    30 levels of action
•    Pick up bonus cash, gas, and health from downed enemies
•    Using the cash to develop advanced weapons.
•    10 special weapons including bombs, fireballs, lasers and missiles
•    You can save the game at any point.
•    Arcade mode for unlimited levels and instant action
•    3 difficulty settings
•    Cloud or rain effects
•    Speed booster
•    5 hours of game play in story mode
•    Better graphics with a resolution of 2X
•    Auto landing so that helicopter automatically lands in the middle of pad
•    New menu system that highlights the menu
•    Fixed shadow position
•    Ability to start a new story


With so many features Blue Skies Lite worth downloading. Take a Blue Skies Lite from the App Store for a free test flight.


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