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Tactical Assasin

In this game the player is the assassin whose mission is to protect the innocent people and identify and kill the bad people. You have to understand the tactics and use them on the right time. Use the aim to hit the enemies and avoid hitting the civilians. Follow the briefing to understand the game. In this game you will need to use your brain to identify the right target.


Use the mouse for the moving and setting the target to shoot the enemy


Return to Mysterious Island 2 Mina's Fate

Return to Mysterious Island 2 is an adventures game, the game begins when the helicopter crashes that came to save Mina. Mina the player survived once but gets again trapped in the island. The unknown disease in the forest afflicts the plants and the animal life. Mina explores the island to find the infection sources. She finds the pollution is from outside that threatens the island.

The game play involves collecting items and clues that help understand how to use them.
Navigate through different paths and locations. The cursor changes automatically to icons when the specific actions are needed.

When you right click on the mouse it shows the inventory items that you can assemble or disassemble to get more complicated items. You need to survive on the island until some came to save you.


Polar Rescue

The game is little different and adventures, the player is the penguin which is placed in the ice landscape with the freezing danger. The player has to collect the snowballs to use them as a weapon against the enemies avoiding the spike on the way. Jump on the moving ice cubes to get on the other side and collect the power-ups for the extra power.


Shift key = shooting the snowballs
Jump = Spacebar
Select weapons = 1 & 2
Movement = left and right arrow keys to move


Ninja Brawl

This ninja brawl is an action game in which you have to run around and throw the shuriken stars, swipe and hit with your sword, kill the enemies in the way. You can smash the barrels to get the food or energy. You can learn the new moves as the level advances.

As you move on to next level you have to mess with the boss you have to kill the boss to get new bombs, stars and weapons.


Movement = arrow keys
Jump = spacebar
Attack 1 = A
Attack 2 = B
Throw shuriken = D
Cycle through weapons = Q


Kidnapped by Pirates

In this game the player is kidnapped by the pirate ship. You have to search for the items and use them to escape and grab the nasty pirate. You need to find the door code sticker also solve the missing item from the plague in the cabin. The game is quite adventures and logical to play


Use the mouse for the play the game

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Age Of Empire

Age of empire is an epic-time fighting and the strategy game in which the players dominate to conquer the enemy civilization.

Grand Prix

Grand prix the real racing game just like the formula one race. Race with your opponents and try to beat them before time runs out.

Capoeira Fighter

Capoeira-fighter Capoeira fighter one of the awesome fighting game with good graphics and with various moves and skills to defeat your opponent.