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Wolfenstein RPG

Wolfenstein RPGWolfenstein RPG is an action game which is now available in the App Store for iPhone. This game on iPhone features great graphics and can be yours for just $0.99. Take a look on how this game can be best for action games lovers.

In Wolfenstein RPG, you have to make your way through Castle Wolfenstein and stop the occult weapons program. In the way, you have to fight many enemy monsters and soldiers. Fortunately, you have access to many guns and a boots of steel. In addition, Axis scientists have left their gene-enhancing formulas everywhere. You can take advantage of these formulas and fill syringes with chemicals that will increase your health and boosts, to get out of the complicated situations. Upon encountering and enemy, you have the choice to attack or move to a strategically advantageous position.
The controls of this game take few minutes to learn. To strafe, you swipe right or left on iPhone’s screen. Tapping forward moves you while tapping right or left turns, but does not move forward. You can tap on the current weapon to change it.


After getting the pace of this system, you can use it in your advantage, knowing when to move back 2 or 3 squares and let a monster approach you so you can kick it back. You can also pause the game to bring the menu which can help you to heal yourself or use status-enhancing syringes to boost your stats temporarily. You will be rewarded experience points for all your actions in the game. There are secrets incorporated in each stage of the game like medals for auxiliary tasks and hidden treasure rooms.

Wolfenstein RPG, with superior art style and many secrets, will easily keep you stuck on your iPhone for many hours.


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