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Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Modern Combat: SandstormModern Combat: Sandstorm, developed by Gameloft, proves that the iPhone can cater to the hardcore gamer. Sandstorm is one of the most impressive games in the App Store. This game features impressive AI, fluid frame rates, superb controls, video cut scenes, and top notch graphics which made it best of its genre.

Sandstorm is centralized around evil terrorists, conflicts in Middle East, and the trials and tribulations of your army squad while fighting with various enemy bands standing between you and your objectives.

In the beginning of the game, you are put through a training that teaches you about different weapons, techniques and controls of the game which makes you feel that you are on a mission instead of training.

The default control scheme of the game works well; you can control your movement by a virtual joystick in the bottom, while you can control your view by just swiping on the screen. In the bottom right of the screen, there is a button to fire, whereas another button appears in the bottom center of the screen when you can do sensitive things like toss a grenade at your enemy or just jump off a ledge. With the help of the rest of the buttons, you can crouch, zoom in to the target through the sights of your gun, reload or change weapons, throw grenades and pause the game. You can control your movements by touching to the left side of the screen while the view can be controlled by touching the right side. You can also fire at your enemy by tapping on the right side of your iPhone’s screen.

The AI in the game is fairly challenging, with your enemies taking cover or even advancing when you take cover, tossing grenades and manning stationary machine guns. This make Sandstorm feel like a game where you have to be intelligent about the cover and which enemy you shoot first.
Modern Combat: Sandstorm is an innovative and excellent game and is the best for those who like shooter games.


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