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DOOM Resurrection

DOOM ResurrectionDeveloped by id Software Doom Resurrection is an all-new Doom game available on the iPhone. The game costs you $4.99 and for that you get 8 levels 6 on mars and others on hell.

Doom Resurrection is on-rail shooter game that mixes tilt gaming with auto-moving stages that tell the story, camera lock in the combat areas and spawn enemies in a scripted manner. This game is little expensive, with 8 levels but still is a hit and entertaining. This game kicks off things in a similar way to all Doom games, but specifically Doom 3 in both, core story and visual style.

The game provides you a space theme which is centered on UAC (Union Aerospace Corporation) that opened a portal to hell. From there you are on a mission to escape the station while blowing up every damn thing in the sight.

The game places you from one encounter to the other; the challenge is to aim your target reticule blowing a common assortment of hellspawn as well as ducking incoming fire. If you are grabbed by a zombie, then you just have to shake your iPhone to get loose. In other words, Doom Resurrection doesn’t play like Doom, although it may look or sound like Doom.


The controls of the Doom Resurrection are pretty simple. The game provides you weapon switch between 3 options that keeps on switching in and out constantly (shotgun and assault rifle always stick around with the 3rd place saved for minigun, chainsaw and other big guns). Tapping the bottom right of the iPhone’s screen will fire, tilting the iPhone moves the cursor, and in some situations a dodge and cover button appears on the bottom left that allows you to quickly sidestep or take cover of enemy fire.

Doom Resurrection is one of the popular games on the iPhone and is the best choice for the Doom lovers.


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