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Boom Brigade

Boom BrigadeBoom Brigade is a tower defense game developed by 10tons Entertainment and now available for iPhone. It offers a very interesting as well as challenging game and the game play is very addictive and easy to learn. You will find yourself playing this game just to see how long you survive in the onslaught.

You can choose the soldiers from 3 differently armed soldiers: Shotgun, Bazooka and Minigun. Each of these types has slightly different stats. The Bazooka soldier has much damage power, long range, but slow movement and low health. The Minigun soldier has low damage power, medium range but lot of health. The gameplay includes drawing paths for your soldiers who fire automatically at incoming enemies. Each of the weapons has a reload time so it’s not constant firing, and the enemies will start chasing your soldiers. So, the best strategy is to make a circular path around your enemies and cage them together; so the reload time will not be a hurdle in your way.

Health, money and extra soldier power ups can be collected. You can then use the money to buy base repairs and weapon upgrades. The game gets over when your enemies succeed in overtaking your base.

The game gets harder quickly as the number of enemies increases. Once you are managing three soldiers at a time, it can be difficult for you to multi-task properly; once you lose the soldier, it’s hard to survive for a long time. Upgrades are also difficult to get, and ultimately, this difficulty can discourage new players.

Some of the features of Boom Brigade are:
•    4 kinds of powerful weapons
•    3 unique chapters
•    Save games
•    Great graphics
•    Online leaderboards
•    Epic sound track
•    Well balanced difficulty

All in all the game has beautiful graphics and good quality sound that will keep you stuck with your iPhone for hours.


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