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Alive 4-ever

Alive 4-everAlive 4-ever has joined the ranks of countless action and shooter games running on the iPhone. The game is now available in the App Store at a reasonable price of $2.99. This game provides 30 missions which includes different objectives.

Imagine, you are surrounded by thousands of zombies. What will you do? Will you save yourself or rescue others? Alive 4-ever puts you in such a critical situation. The game starts with the plot filled with zombie with few characters you are able to select that don’t show the symptoms of the infection. Each of the four playable characters has slightly different starting weapons and statistics, but thanks to extensive selection of weapons for purchasing and RPG system; it doesn’t matter whom you select. After completing every level, you will get experience and money award. Try gaining more experience, so that you can get ability points which you can spend for increasing character statics such as critical hit chance or adding to the total of hit points.

The controls of the game work like all other top-down shooter games, along with two virtual joysticks; one for controlling the movement and the other for controlling your firing and aiming. You can change your weapon by just tapping the gun on the top right corner. Button on the left corner of the screen pause the game and display your objectives. An additional button appears when you are close to an object you can interact with, like picking up bullets.
Objectives are varied in all the 30 levels of the game and all of the levels are set within a large arena setting. Some levels have the objectives of eliminating the given zombies in given time. Some other has the objectives of rescuing survivors in a fixed time, or getting vaccines. On the levels where you have to rescue the survivors or get vaccines, an arrow guides you up to the place where they are and where they have to be dropped. But, when rescuing a survivor, you have to protect them from zombies as they follow you to the safe zone. Meanwhile, you cannot use any other weapon other than pistol while carrying the briefcase filled with vaccines.

If you are a gamer who enjoys survival shooters games like iDracula or Minigore, Alive 4-ever will surely suit your fantasy.


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